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Osino’s Story

Osino was established following the founder’s continuous struggles with bad skin. After years of skin problems that neither science nor medicine could resolve, she decided to develop her own skincare line to help others struggling with the same issues.

In her early teen years, Osino’s founder suffered from a health condition that required specific medication. The medication resulted in problematic skin, as well as sensitivity to most skincare products available. This resulted in several physical and mental challenges, as after trying almost every product, nothing seemed to have worked.

Many skincare products are chemically formulated with harsh toxins and alcoholic ingredients that have minimal effect, and that often cause more harm than good. These products are also not vegan, organic, eco-friendly, or skin-friendly.

At sixteen and desperate to find a solution, Osino’s founder began to study plant-based alternatives, experimenting with various different combinations to create a range of unique products. She saw an instant difference once she mastered a blend that now forms the basis of Osino’s signature products, with her skin glowing and feeling smoother within days.

She continued to create her own natural skincare products for her own personal use while pursuing her law degree, however, her passion for skincare and desire to help others find their glow led her to the establishment of Osino Skincare.

Osino’s unique trio of products draws from the healing and restorative powers of the ocean, which often serve as a comfort for our founder in times of stress and uncertainty. The ocean also served as the inspiration for the unique use of marine collagen, which boasts a wide range of powerful properties.

After experiencing the struggles and stresses of problematic skin first-hand, she is committed to providing others with skin-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan products that actually work.

Osino’s Ethos

Osino Skincare is a proudly vegan brand committed to using natural, organic ingredients that deliver effective results. Our premium skincare products use only the finest eco-friendly, sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as recyclable packaging, allowing us to promise the best results for users while promoting the health of the planet.

Every product is also free of potentially toxic and harmful ingredients and any artificial colours and fragrances, providing exceptional nourishment without compromising the environment.

In addition to our commitment to creating eco-friendly products, Osino Skincare is also dedicated to creating a versatile skincare regime suitable for all skin types. Our premium blend of active ingredients works to eliminate the appearance of several skin concerns, providing immediate, long-term results, no matter your age or skin type.

Oceanic Sapphire Minerals

For instant cell renewal

Friendly Marine Bacteria

For natural skin balance

Finest Marine Collagen

For that ultimate glow

Sapphire Marine Scrub


Probiotic Marine Moisture


Marine Liquid Collagen




osino skincare step 1 exfoliate osino skincare step 1 exfoliate

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